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5 days ago

Notification when an invoice is paid

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I am looking for a way to notify the "employee responsible" that an invoice has been paid - i.e. the money has arrived in our bank account.

I had a look in Workflows for business object Customer Invoice, but the "status: released" option is the closest trigger, and that just means we've released the invoice. What I am looking for is when the Clearing document has "status: completed" and/or the Payment Allocation document has "status: posted" that we can notify the "employee responsible" further down the Document Flow (either the one listed on the Sales Order, Project Invoice Request, or Invoice Request) that the customer has now paid the invoice.

Currently our staff have to manually check the document flow for each piece of work they are working on, depending on the payment terms. Sometimes it's payment in advance and on these occasions we don't want to start work until the money has arrived.

Is there a way to trigger this notification?