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6 days ago

User Requirements Question for PO/PR

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Hi All,

My client has requested these requirements be implemented. Does anyone have any feedback if these are possible and the process to configure?

  1. Reflect PO/Contract approval into SAP: currently leadership received a lot of email requesting for sign off PO/contract without linkage to which approved budget/PR. So please design a flow that SAP alert appropriate approver/reviewer of PO/Contract to be signed and someway to upload the signed contract/PO into SAP when we approve such PO/contract.

  2. Power BI access to SAP database including: PR No, Requester, PR amount, Vendor, PR status, PR line item (item name, quantity, unit price, COA)/PO No & PR No, PO amount, PO status, Vendor, PO line item (item name, quantity, unit price, COA) /Invoice No & PO, Vendor, Invoice Amount, Paid Amount Invoice line item (item name, quantity, unit price, COA).