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Sep 20 at 10:11 PM

TR import: "DDL source cannot be activated" error for a deleted object

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When importing a transport into QA system, we are getting an error "DDL source ... cannot be activated" for a CDS view that is being deleted in this same transport.

Background: we had 2 CDS views, let's say ZI_Good and ZI_Bad. The ZI_Bad one had an association to ZI_Good. After realizing that we do not need ZI_Bad (it wasn't used anywhere), we deleted it. Everything is fine in DEV system.

Both ZI_Good and ZI_Bad views were included in the same transport. Transport was released from DEV system and imported into QA. During the import, for some reason, the system tries to activate the CDS view ZI_Bad (which is now gone) and fails to find it (naturally):


Why is this happening and what could be done to prevent this?

This is in S/4HANA 2020 system, if it matters.

Edit: I've gone over the whole log once again and everything appears to be in order. There is a record of ZI_Bad being deleted, just as I'd expect, and it's done in the early transport stage. Also to clarify, we don't actually have any issue in QA and the view ZI_Good is active. It's just not clear why we got an error in the import process. Thank you!


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