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Sep 20 at 02:44 PM

How to tie Infotype 1010 R1+ release values to users?



How can I pull SAP table data together to generate a list of users and their info-type 1010 release assignments? It appears HRP1010’s R values are associated with jobs, not the user.


Users must have an override capability for releasing POs to address system errors. Part of our procedures is to drill down on what users have the override capabilities by determining if a user/account has the following:

  1. Access to transaction ME54N in ECC. SUIM > User > Users by Complex Criteria > Users by Complex Criteria > Transaction Code 'ME54N’ to show users with access to the t-code, attach-1.png. Save this list of 215 users to a spreadsheet.
  2. For each user in the spreadsheet use T-code PPOSE to show which accounts possess an override capability to address system errors A requisition release code assigned per their job role/position (the info-type 1010 record in HR master data), attach-2.png

The users with access to the T-code is 215 and would take significant time to capture 3 screenshots from PPOSE, hence the need to obtain by extracting table data. How do I connect AGR_1251 (Authorization data for the activity group) to HRP1010?

Thank you for any suggestions on the approach to extract by table data!


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attach-2.png (97.2 kB)