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Sep 21 at 02:37 PM

Inspection planning without inspection rules


Hi EWM Expert,

Does any one aware of 'How to set inspection planning without rules' for EWM IOT?

    • Embedded EWM only: Specify the master data used to control inspection planning (material master or inspection rule)
        If you define that no inspection rule is used and that the inspection lot setup originates from the
      Quality Management tab of the material master, you must specify the inspection planning settings by choosing Insp. Planning w/o Rules.


      Does this means that InspLot will be generated when the external step assigned above is triggered.

      Also as per SAP

        • In the Follw-UpAct. LF (Follow-up Action Delivery) field, enter the point of time in your inbound process when the system automatically creates an inspection document.
            Note that setting only applies to IOTs that have automatic inspection document creation.


          We want to create the inspection lot only when inspection lot available 'Quality-Area'. Please let us know If anyone know how to achieve this?

          Our POSC is steps are -1. Door to GR - Area (Unloading) 2.GR- Area to QC Area (Quality) 3. QC area to Putaway/Scrap based on follow up action.

          As of now inspection lot gets generated when we confirm the first task, so in this case products are in GR- area but inspection lots are already generated therefore lots available for UD in QA32 even though material not at QC-Area.

          Anyone knows how to tackle this in standard?




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