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Sep 21, 2022 at 11:17 AM

Skip Inspection lot creation for Custom Inspection Type Y04 and Movement Type 101 and Origin 04



We have a requirement to skip the creation of Inspection Lot after GR posting with movement type '101' and origin as '04' but for this we have a custom inspection type created as 'Y04'.

I have been trying to search for an enhancement to achieve this and though in multiple forums it is mentioned to use exit QAAT0001 with EXIT_SAPLQAAT_002 where I do a check on the movement type, origin and production order type and pass the flag E_NO_INSPECTION = 'X' and always pass E_TQ32 = I_TQ32 but still unable to achieve our requirement and Inspection lot is getting created.

We have tested another scenario in which the standard inspection lot '04' we assign to material and then when I try to pass the flag E_NO_INSPECTION = 'X' it seems to work fine and no Inspection lot is getting created. At the moment I'm stuck at this point and need some clarity and support on how we can achieve this.

Also did try changing the E_TQ32-ART = '04'but that didn't work, even tried to use similar logic for remaining points in exit EXIT_SAPLQMHU_001, EXIT_SAPLQPL1_005 still no luck.

Would really appreciate the thoughts and will be rewarded.