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Sep 20, 2022 at 01:42 PM

Case insensitive will work SAP HANA CLOUD Database



IS there is any option of "Case insensitive work SAP HANA CLOUD Database" ??

We are working in different databases like Oracle,MSSQL,MYSQL, these are all have an option of Case insensitive of the database, But we are not found any option like this in the SAP HANA CLOUD database.

Issue : Using Java Application.

While we are using any search criteria in the query we direct pass the Insensitive data we are passing. But it is not working in the SAP HANA Cloud database. We can also use UPPER case both and check but in our application we are using lot of places as insensitive search.

Can you please suggest how can we resolved the issue.

For Example : Select * from employees where empnm like ‘%Naresh%’

It should work by given %NARESH% (OR) %naresh% (OR) %Naresh% OR ‘%NaResh%’ scenarios