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Sep 20 at 12:50 PM

SAP Snapshcut.exe opens sapgui.exe instead of saplogon.exe

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Hey forum,

we were using the following powershell script to start SAP for quite a while now:

c:\progra~2\SAP\FrontEnd\SapGui\sapshcut.exe -system=<systemID> -client=<clientID> -user=<username> -pw=<password> -command=<command>

When we run the command on one of our previously existing machines that have SAP 7600.1.2.3390 installed, it will open a window using 'saplogon.exe'.

Recently we got a new machine that has SAP 7700.1.8.3396 installed. Running the same script will open the SAP window using the 'sapgui.exe'. When we installed SAP version 7600.1.4.x on the same machine, the behaviour did not change. Unfortuantely, we are not able to install version 7600.1.2.3390 on the new machine to test the behaviour.

This is a problem for us, because we have automations running in SAP that require the window to be based on 'saplogon.exe'

We are not sure whether this is simple a bug/feature that comes with the new SAP version or if the behaviour of the sapshcut.exe can be configured somewhere.

Any tips are appreciated. Thank You

Kind Regards