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Sep 16 at 09:57 AM

Is it possible for a workflow to send it to specific folder in SBWP?


Hi, currently the existing workflow sends all approval mails in SBWP. The issue is the approver is handling multiple sales organizations and it can take thousands of mails. Is it possible when the workflow is triggered, for example the sales org is S001, there will be a folder in the SBWP named S001 and the credit and debit approval will be sent there. Same for Sales Org S002, instead of all the approval request of sales org be sent in one inbox.

Is the expectation possible? Credit/Debit approval request for Sales Org 0001 will be sent to the Sales Org 1 folder while the approval request for Sales Org 0002 will be sent to Sales Org 2 folder in both in SBWP.


Lastly, currently the approval request when received it like this. Except the sales org is not included in the title. Is it possible that the sales org be included when the approval request is sent?



image.png (13.2 kB)
image.png (13.4 kB)