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Sep 21 at 02:25 PM

Not all data showing up in report


I was using Crystal Reports 2016 when I noticed the problem, explained below.

I installed a trial version of 2020 to see if that would resolve the problem - it did not.

I have created a report with one data source. The data source is an xml file. In the print preview of the report, some of the data shows up in the report and some of it doesn't, even when it's the same data. I put the contents of the xml file into a Notepad++ and enabled Show All Characters to see if there were differences between different data that looked the same, but there were not any differences.

I have attached screenshots to show what I mean. You can see in the data source for employee 0191 (0191-data-source.png) and the data source for employee 1125, they both have payev_calcu_duration of 00h20 and payev_adjusted_dura of 00h20. However, for employee 0191, that data populates in the print preview (0191 Print Preview.png) but for employee 1125, the data does not populate.





Thank you for your help.

Louise Pickett, PMP

Pittsburgh Regional Transit0191-data-source.png0191-print-preview.png1125-data-source.png1125-print-preview.png