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Sep 21, 2022 at 01:55 PM

Priority Payment XML File Issue with Reference ID for Tax Payments


Hi SAP Gurus,

When paying tax, I need to send a particular 9-24 digit VAT ID under EndtoEndId node of the Priority Payment XML file to the tax authority for the file to be accepted. The XML is created in DMEE.

But, Since we have BCM (Bank Communication management- FSCM) active in our system, that same EndtoEndId node is being used to send the Document number to the bank. The bank then uses the same document number to send us back the acknowledgements which we see in BANK_MONI transaction code.

So now, if we send the VAT ID instead of document number in the EndtoEndId node, the acknowledgements are failing and if we send the document number instead of VAT ID in the node, the monthly tax payments are being returned by the tax authority (HMRC-UK/GB).

I have tried sending the VAT ID in Ustrd node under RmtInf element and that failed too.

Can you please let me know if there is away to retain both functionalities?

Example for nodes:

EndtoEndId node:


Ustrd node under RmtInf


Thank you,



image.png (11.2 kB)
image.png (10.5 kB)