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Sep 21 at 11:56 AM

@Consumption.valueHelpDefinition not working in abstract entity

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Hello everybody,

I have created a simply abstract entity:

@EndUserText.label: 'Popup for events'
@Metadata.allowExtensions: true
define abstract entity ZD_EVENTPOPUP_WR 
    @Consumption.valueHelpDefinition: [{ entity: { name:    'ZI_EVENTCODEVH_WR',
                                                   element: 'InspectionCode'  } }]
    @ObjectModel.mandatory: true       
    @EndUserText.label: 'Code'                                        
    Ereignis           : zpwr_event_code;
    @ObjectModel.mandatory: true   
    @EndUserText.label: 'Notification date'  
    Meldungsdatum : aedat;
    @EndUserText.label: 'Notification text'  
    Meldungstext : ktext;

I use this entity as a popup (parameters) for an action. It works as expected in preview from ADT (the ValueHelpButton is shown:


But in the App (Fiori Elements generated from WebIDE ) the annotation doesn't work - ViewHelpButton is not shown:


By the way - the @EndUserText.label not work for Element as well (the enitity name ist shown as a label!) Could anybody explain me what is wrong in my entity definition?




screenshot1.png (12.7 kB)
screenshot2.png (26.9 kB)