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6 days ago

Analytical List Page action button passes undefined parameters


We are trying to develop an Analytical List Page that has an entity with action buttons.

The action has an "prop" parameter which works as expected. The user enters a string and I see the value in the `` variable.

@Aggregation.ApplySupported.PropertyRestrictions : true
entity EntityView as select from service.Entity {
actions {
   action assignProperty(prop : String) returns EntityView;

When clicking the button, the `req.params` shows an object with all the entity key properties but they are all set to `undefined`.

req.params = [{
   key1: 'undefined',
   key2: 'undefined',
   key3: 'undefined',
   key4: 'undefined'
}] = { prop: 'Property Name' }

In the CDS LineItem for the entity I have this entry for the action button:

            $Type    : 'UI.DataFieldForAction',
            Action   : 'EntityViewService.EntityContainer/EntityView_assignProperty',
            Label    : 'Assign Property',
            Inline   : true, 
            ![@HTML5.CssDefaults] : {
                $Type : 'HTML5.CssDefaultsType',
                width : '8rem',

Why are all the key properties present but all 'undefined'? Is there an annotation that I might be missing on the entity properties?