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Sep 21 at 08:56 AM

2 Factor Authentication on Netweaver ABAP with Fiori Login

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Hi all,

we have a requirement to implement a 2 Factor Authentication in the Fiori Launchpad on our FES (NW ABAP). The FES will be exposed to the internet, so that the user can access it from home or elsewhere.

I searched a lot here but I did not found any useful information regarding this topic. Only that it works for Netweaver Java with TOTP Loginmodule.

Is there anything similar for ABAP?

Another idea of mine was to create a custom login page, where we implement the 2 factor authentication on our own, but we still need the standard login process of Fiori and Gateway. So does anybody of you know if there is some sort of user exit in the login procedure on the FES, where we could validate a custom parameter, like the OTP, which we would provide in the header of the http request in another way?

Best Rergards