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Sep 08 at 10:40 AM

SAP MDK - Data Pagination (Mobile Development Kit)


How to handle data pagination in SAP MDK ?

Hi All,

We are developing a native SAP MDK Offline app (on Android and Web) but we are struggling with a behavior that we are not able to fully understand.

The app is not able to display the result of a get request inside a collection due to the large amount of data, so it get stuck.

On the web app we are using as a container an Object Table, while on Android we use an Extension Object Collection.

We are using in both cases a String Target (that points to a rule) to request the data and then return it.

Inside this rule we have a Read OData Action and we built the query manually (this is also the main reason that led us to use the string target, as the standard search query handled by the MDK didn’t fit our needs) that includes also $skip and $top parameters (used to avoid the load of the whole set of data).

Now, we are not able to use the data pagination so that we can scroll until the bottom of the list and load and append new records to display. We have indeed a static number of records retrieved with our $skip and $top parameters (ex. $skip=0&$top=100).

We also noticed that, as we used a String Target, we miss the ServerSidePaging option inside the editor (but I expect that this wouldn’t affects the offline mobile app anyway). We have also a DataPaging option but it seems to not work.

Is there a way to handle this behavior?