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Sep 13 at 01:10 PM

dataset performance poor after SP16


I have a legacy app, 32 bit, CrystalReports for Visual Studio, with a set of reports built against an Access (mdb) database. The select from the mdb is complex, 320 columns joining 10 tables. When we first converted this to CrystalReports for Visual Studio, connecting to the mdb directly, that failed with 'too many fields' error. Our solution was to extract the data from the mdb files and populate a .NET datatset, then use SetDataSource(dataSet) on the report. That worked great with SP16 and large datasets (10 tables each with 86400 rows), the report would complete in 15 minutes or so. Now we need to upgrade to SP32. This same report takes some 12+ hours to generate. I've tried a number of Service Packs going back to SP19 and they all take an excessive amount of time to generate this report. I've also tried to use an XML file as the source instead of a dataset but I see the same results: SP16 performs fine, later ones do not.

What changed between SP16 and later service packs to cause this? What can I do in my application to make this perform as it did before?