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Sep 14 at 05:32 PM

Exporting Crystal Reports Word format (.doc) Missing?


Our team has worked with Crystal Reports Runtime, CR for Visual Studio and the Crystal Reports viewer control in an internal application for a few years now. In the past few weeks we have been upgrading the application from a 32-bit to 64-bit process and, with this, have been starting to work with the new SP32 64-bit runtime.

Our current setup has us working with both the 32-bit runtime and 64-bit runtime to ensure a user's machine can handle both runtimes existing in the system at the same time without crashing or any errors (this will make the transition easier). The testing has gone fine so far but upon pushing to a first batch of test users, it has been discovered that the ability to export from the crystal report viewer as a Word Document (.doc) has been removed. Word Document exporting in a .rtf format still exists, however:

1. The formatting between what is seen in the CrystalReportViewer control and opening an .rtf differs (some lines/data doesn't display the same way) and..

2. We are not looking to remove that feature from users as it was found as useful and we are only looking for a 64-bit switch, not a change/removing of functionality

We have tried explicitly setting the 'AllowedExportFormats' in our code to 'All Formats' but that does not seem to enable to now disappeared .doc format.

I have been searching through the posts here to see if there is an answer to this specific case but haven't found anything that addresses it. Could it be the installation of both runtimes at the same time? Are we overthinking what is going on?

Any help is greatly appreciated.