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Sep 13, 2022 at 07:03 PM

SAP TM-BW reload missing records


Hi Guys,

We have missed some TM Freight Orders in BW. I would like to confirm the steps in loading some selective Freight orders with correct Execution Status without disturbing current delta process.

1. As I understand I need to delete and fill setup tables. Before I delete the setup tables, do I need to first run Delta IP in BW to extract the data in the setup tables?

2. Delete the setup tables using Tcode /n /SCMTMS/BWIS. In this Tcode, do I need to select only Transportation Order, Transportation Order Item and Transportation Order stages? Or all the Setup tables?

3. Fill the setup tables using Tcode /n/SCMTMS/BWIU_TOR. Select the Freight orders you want to load.

4. Run RSA3 to check the records.

5. Run Full IP from BW side to pull these records.

6. After successfully completion, do I need to do initialization of setup tables again in TM tcode /n /SCMTMS/BWIS ?

Are these steps correct? Is there anything else I need to do or correct my steps? Appreciate if you can help. Thanks very much!