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Sep 06, 2022 at 04:58 PM

JVM configuration file in NW for Windows



I'm implenting the note number 2730554 to disable IPv6 usage in Java.

I need to insert two parameters:

But I can't find any place where to put it. Another note 1888685 describe how to set those parameters in Configtool. But I need to find the way which is possible to script(automatize) as we have 200 NW/MII servers, we need the solution to edit configuration file not to click manually by mouse.

Could be the correct place DEFAULT.PFL? And what is the syntax?

or the file SID_J00_wwvcamii0041 where I can see as a last line:

jstartup/vm/parameters = -Dsap.runtime.vm.allow=*;SAP*;*;*

Should I use the same syntax to add IPv6 lines? or can I use this syntax into default.pfl file?