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Sep 07, 2022 at 12:54 PM

Revenue Planning with planned price adjustment in Alternate UOM in IBP


Hello IBP Guru's,

For Commercial Planning, the planner wants to adjust the Forecasted Planned Price and assess the impact of changed planned price on Forecasted Turnover Revenue. The Planned Price Adjustment would be done at an aggregated level for e.g. Product Hierarchy 3 or Product Hierarchy 4 and Customer Division, as well as a different UOM other than Base UOM. Planned price is per UOM and hence will be different for PAL vs M3.

For e.g. For Product 8548754, Base UOM is “PAL”, but the Planned Price Adjustment would be done in “M3” UOM.

We are calculating the actuals planned price based on the Invoice value and Delivered Qty. Using the actuals planned price as an input, we are forecasting the planned price in future and storing in Statistical Planned Price key figure.


With the "Adjusted Planned Price" Key Figure, the user wants to adjust the planned price in Alternate UOM. We had to use the UOMTO in the Base Planning Level to display the Planned Price in Alternate UOM i.e. M3. But the Adjusted value cannot be converted back to Base UOM.

Has anyone faced this issue and how has it been resolved?