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Cache Monitor: BW_OLAP_CACHE <SYSID> Parameter Missing

Dear BW Mates

I run transaction RSRT and when I click on Cache Monitor,

I have information of RAM on Local, global caches.

Along with them I have error as below.

<b>Error: Flat File Name : BW_OLAP_CACHE <SYSID> Parameter Missi</b>ng

Does this have any impact on queries....

OR should I re install the BEx on my System.

Your help is appreciated.



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1 Answer

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    May 19, 2006 at 12:10 PM


    Check the relevance of OSS note below if any.....I don't think it should be a problem.



    You cannot use the OLAP cache with flat files or the system returns a result but the relevant monitor does not display any entries.

    When you start the cache monitor and select the flat file view, the program may terminate (with short dump).

    Other terms

    OLAP cache, flat files, settings, use, cache monitor

    Reason and Prerequisites

    Some settings for the flat files, for example, the names of the flat files and of the relevant directories as well as the cache parameters were not adjusted to the current system. Therefore, the files cannot be used or they are stored incorrectly.


    You must implement various changes:

    Change the cache parameters: Choose the "Cache parameters" pushbutton to go to the settings of the general cache parameters. Here, you should see or enter the following settings:

    Flat file name: BW_OLAP_CACHE

    For all files: BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN

    Choose the "Logical file name" button to go to the area where you can adjust the logical file names and directory paths. The already displayed table at the right side of the window matches the "Definition of logical file paths" folder in the tree at the left side of the window. To maintain the settings for the "BW_OLAP_CACHE" and "BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN" table entries, you must select each entry that is to be changed and double-click on the "Assignment of logical path and physical paths" folder (subfolder of "Definition of logical file paths") at the left side of the tree. This section often contains incorrect entries.


    Often, it contains the following entry:

    Physical path: "/usr/sap/J16/SYS/global/<FILENAME>".

    However, "J16" must be replaced with the ID of the current system.

    Example: The "XYZ" system must contain the following entry:

    Physical path: "/usr/sap/XYZ/SYS/global/<FILENAME>".

    The same applies to the settings of "BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN". Here, you must also replace "J16" in the path with the name of the current system.

    Bear in mind that, currently, both variants of the cache with flat files write to the directory.

    This directory may be a directory on a network volume.

    Subsequently, you must also adjust the logical file names. By double-clicking on the "Definition of logical file names client-independent" folder in the tree at the left side, you call another table in the main window at the right side. By double-clicking on "BW_OLAP_CACHE" or "BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN", you can open the relevant settings.

    "BW_OLAP_CACHE" must contain the following entry:

    Physical file: "CACHE_<HOST>_<SYSID>_<PARAM_1>"

    "BW_OLAP_CACHE_SPAN" must contain the following entry:

    Physical file: "CACHE_<SYSID>_<PARAM_1>"

    You should also check in transaction RSCUSTV14 whether the "FILENAME" and "FILENAME_SPAN" fields are filled as follows:



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