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Aug 25 at 01:14 AM

Filter a dimension based on Property of another dimension


Hi Friends,

I have a requirement where I need to display only a desired combination of Dimension Members in the Planning Layout/Story.

I am trying to control it based on the Property of one dimension reading the Member ID of another dimension.

In the below example: I have a list of Services I need to display for User Input but those Services are only valid for a certain Section. I don't want the user to manually select the Correct Section in input controls (because there are a lot of Services & Section combos), instead I want the correct Section to Automatically be displayed next to the Service based on the Section Property I defined on the Service Dimension. See below screenshot.

I have Service root as 'Input Control' in the story. In


Below is the screenshot of the SECTION Dimension. I'm using the Base member as the property value in the above SERVICE dimension.


The Planning Layout should look like in the below screenshot:


I don't want to display all the combination of Sections & Services as shown in the below screenshot:


I tried Advanced Filtering but it doesn't have the ability to compare a dimension member ID with the Property value of another dimension member.

If it makes it easy I can add a Input Control for Service where the users can select a Service Hierarchy Node (ex SN03) and we can at least derive the SECTION Filter value based on this input control.