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Aug 17, 2022 at 05:54 PM

SAC Upload data to a parent node

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I want to upload data to a parent node in a parent child hierarchy. Is it possible and can it behave as if I input this data from an input template i.e. disagregate with standard methods ?

The current use case is that some users are planning unit cost at brand level where brand is Level 2 in product hieararchy. Base level is product. When they plan unit cost we copy this to all base levels via standard disagregation features ( unit price is an account dimension member with exception aggregation average per product).

However, actual unit cost is not avaialble in source system and they also need to upload this information. But when I upload this data it got rejected with 0 records in rejection summary. Validations also successfull at last step. I upload 2 records where the only difference is 1st one is base level and the 2nd one is level 2 product .first one goes successfully so I am pretty sure this is the only problem.

Can there be a workaround? I know in other planning tools you can't do that either e.g. in BPC classic neither embedded without an end routine or upload badi interface but wondered how it is the case in SAC.