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Aug 16 at 06:15 AM

Processing of Multiple Suppliers using File Upload Functionality


We are using MDG 9.2 and we have a standard SAP MDG feature available File Download and File Upload.

Firstly, I would like to know, can we use this File Upload feature for both Mass Supplier Creation and Update. Is it only specific to Update because I see some entities such as BP Partner ID has only one upload mode available "Overwrite or Add Attributes". So will it also create new mass supplier.

Second, Do we have any standard document available on this which has given the steps for Supplier upload. I meant sequence of entities to be selected one after the other. Specially if you are creating mass supplier using different entities what should we select for "Address number" and "Address version" since these numbers are generated automatically in the backend if we create single supplier using NWBC. However during file upload for Central data these are key fields along with BP Partner ID. So I am not sure if we can keep it blank or not.

Third, We tried to upload first file BP Partner ID, afterwards trying to load Role Entity File, But getting an error "Role Vendor requires Company Code data" However my understanding is that until unless you don't select the Role how could you upload Company Code data. After Role file upload successfully, we should upload Company Code entity.

Appreciate if some one can please advise and throw more light on File Upload functionality for Supplier Master.

Thank you