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Aug 14, 2022 at 04:23 PM

Notification and Order User Statuses - Examples


Hi All,

I haven’t been able to find very thorough information on how companies are using notification and order user statuses in their business processes. Also on how they decide if the status should be numbered or non numbered.

If possible please share some examples of how you’re using user statues in your business processes. The thought is that by sharing examples we can better visualize how these statuses could fit into our own business processes.

I’m especially interested in examples of how to differentiate whether a notification or order requires planning vs when a maintenance technician can just pick the work up and solve without planning and scheduling.

Our desire is to keep the system flexible so that notifications and orders can move between two queues “planning needed” and “ready to execute/open order” / no planning required

ex. Work order started and then left

ex. Work order needs planning vs doesn’t need planning

ex. Holds for materials, hold for planning, hold for scheduling

ex. Scheduled