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Aug 15 at 11:09 AM

Delivery Stuck in SMQ2 with Error "Error updating quantity data at item level" (MIGO 321)


Hi EWM Community,

i have encountered issue while doing MIGO 321 from ERP to EWM, delivery is not getting distributed and error comes up in SMQ2 as below


i am not sure what went wrong, because after that i tried to add quantity offsetting profile PQ KQ OQ in /SCWM/POR_DLV, /SCWM/SPC_DLV, /SCWM/WMR_DLV but it didnt help, and i tried also activate BC set /SCWM/DLV_TRANSFER_PROF through SCPR20 also didnt help, i re-run the SMQ2 and still stuck with error Error updating quantity data at item level

and then i tried to post another document in MIGO 321, and the delivery posting change SPC distributed and successfully posted


but stil i cannot delete or change or distribute the previous incorrect queue in SMQ2 (delivery 80000533)

is there any thing that i can do to delete this or to get this distributed to EWM? i am working in S4 1809 embedded EWM

any advice is very helpful to me.

Thank you


image.png (42.3 kB)
image.png (60.1 kB)