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6 days ago

Unable to override standard methods using Adaptation project in Business Application Studio

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to extended standard fiori app F1706 add a feature to a standard application using Business Application Studio. As we have now only option of Adaptation Project, I created an Adaptation Project and extending controller, but it seems the override functionality is not behaving as expected.

I am unable to override the standard method inside my extended controller. It's not triggering it when i place it in override section of extended controller. Please find attached screen for reference.

Please note that onInit() method inside override section is triggering, but other standard method of the standard fiori app which i am using e.g. onDeliveryHeaderSelected is not getting triggered. Until this is triggered i can't place the custom logic on this event/method.

We don't want to use WEBIDE as it's BAS is something which is future and WEBIDE license will be expiring soon.


Basically we want to trigger an pop up message with few information based on item selected, but the event seems not working inside extended controller. Anyone with similar experience or solution, would be very useful.

below is the screen from standard app, and on select of any line item, onDeliveryHeaderSelected gets triggered, which I am trying to override.


Best Regards,