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5 days ago

Multilevel production order analysis


Hi experts,

I am trying to complete a production order cost analysis for a multilevel BOM material (4 levels). I need to see the labor cost that went into producing the finished good as well as the labor costs that went into producing the semi-finished goods. I also need to see the material costs for all of the raw materials that went into the semi-finished and finished goods. I had searched for a solution for this and many threads recommended using the KKBC_ORD transaction. The issue with this transaction is the fact that the material cost for the semi-finished goods takes into account only standard labor and material values, not the actual values. In other words if my semi-finished good was produced more efficiently, either through labor or material efficiencies, this would not be shown in the KKBC_ORD report since the cost is solely based on standard values. I have been able to prove this by running a CK13N report, which estimates the cost of a material, for one of the semi-finished goods at the quantity that was actually used in the finished good. The estimated cost for the semi-finished good was EXACTLY the same as the actual cost of the semi-finished good, which is obviously not true since the material and labor values did not exactly equal the standard values. Therefore for multilevel BOM materials, the KKBC_ORD transaction is not entirely accurate since efficiencies for semi-finished goods are not captured. Essentially, I would like the CS12 transaction, which displays multilevel BOMS, but for costing analysis purposes after production has been complete.