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Memory available and configured for named chaches

Bonjour,I'm running a Sybase ASE 15.7 Cluster Edition database and I just found something wierd about caches and very few literature about it.

I am refering at the middle section of the sp_helpcache procedure. The memory available for named caches is lower than the memory configured to named caches.

Is this normal behavior? How can I increase overall memory allocated for the caches? Is there any good literature to help me understand the mecanism behind all this?

Memory Available For Memory Configured
Named Caches To Named Caches
-------------------- ----------------
71837.9 Mb 77300.0 Mb

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1 Answer

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    Feb 27, 2017 at 05:01 PM

    Editorial: Question has been here for 4 days now, only 10 views which some of them must be from me comming to see answers.... First option, this is a very small community or second, there is a visibility issue with questions.... or anything else but if someone knows why only a few have seen this question, please let me know.

    As for the answer to my question, I have figured it out!

    It all depends on the value of the system_view parameter.

    If your "system_view" parameter is set to "instance", sp_helpcache will display only the values for the specific instance you are connected on and in this case number for "memory available" and "memroy configured" are matching.

    If you set "system_view" to "cluster" then you get "memory available for named cache" of the instance you are connected on but "memory configured to named caches" for the entire cluster. In my case I have instance specific cache which explain the difference in numbers.

    set cluster_view instance|cluster

    select @@system_view

    Hope this helps anyone else.



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