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Aug 09, 2022 at 11:55 AM

Message from search service: Unknown view attributes ,UPDDATS


Hi , I am new to web dynpro , I need an assistance.

I have a requirement to change Changed by Date to Change by To and from(Range table) in PLM Label advance search.

I added the 2 fields in structure /PLMB/S_LBL_SEA_CRIT_HDR_UI and /PLMB/S_LBL_SEA_CRIT_HDR as ZCHANGED_LOW and ZCHANGED_HIGH.

On layout i did enhancement and added the attributes in context and now 2 fields are showing on the Screen .

But when i select the dates and press go... Message warning is showing on the screen as.

Please suggest where I am lacking and other than layout what I have to do.



image.png (108.6 kB)