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6 days ago

launchpad deploy failing on CAP application


We are using the portal service for our Launchpad in the CAP application ...when we deploy our mtar to update the app the launchpad-app fails with this log ...

any hints ...or known issues with the launcpa-site-content

2022-08-05T12:04:55.595+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT > launchpad-site-content@0.1.0 start /home/vcap/app
2022-08-05T12:04:55.595+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT > node node_modules/@sap/portal-cf-content-deployer/src/index.js
2022-08-05T12:04:55.715+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT Deploy flow - SAP_CONTENT_PROVIDER = false, SAP_LOCAL_CONTENT_PROVIDER = false, PROVIDER_INFORMATION = undefined
2022-08-05T12:04:55.912+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT portalServiceDeploy sending archive with appHostIdsXsAppNameServicesMap: {"appHostIds":{"appHostIds":["ec9457b2-97fa-46f1-b825-46647471d709"],"boundAppHostIds":[]},"xsAppNameServicesMap":{"":"cpa-connect!t19523","html5-apps-repo-dt":"ec9457b2-97fa-46f1-b825-46647471d709!b19523|html5-apps-repo-uaa!b1129"}}
2022-08-05T12:04:56.012+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT Deploy site elapsed time: 98.524ms
2022-08-05T12:04:56.013+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT deleteArchive: deploymentTemp folder was deleted successfully
2022-08-05T12:04:56.013+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR Deployment of site content to persistency failed [Deployment Id:none] , Error: Deploy to portal service failed, got status = 400, data: [object Object]
2022-08-05T12:04:56.021+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE
2022-08-05T12:04:56.021+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! errno 1
2022-08-05T12:04:56.024+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! launchpad-site-content@0.1.0 start: `node node_modules/@sap/portal-cf-content-deployer/src/index.js`
2022-08-05T12:04:56.024+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! Exit status 1
2022-08-05T12:04:56.024+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR!
2022-08-05T12:04:56.024+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! Failed at the launchpad-site-content@0.1.0 start script.
2022-08-05T12:04:56.024+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! This is probably not a problem with npm. There is likely additional logging output above.
2022-08-05T12:04:56.034+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
2022-08-05T12:04:56.034+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] ERR npm ERR! /home/vcap/app/.npm/_logs/2022-08-05T12_04_56_025Z-debug.log
2022-08-05T12:04:56.043+0000 [APP/TASK/deploy/0] OUT Exit status 1