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6 days ago

Updating could not be completed error Ariba PO


Hello SAP Gurus,

Good day.
When generating PR in Ariba we encountered error "Updating could not be completed".

<Requisition | ERP Push Error>

The following errors occured while sending Purchase Order to *** on ***

Error Number 1:

ERPPushFailPurgeStateERPPushFailTimeCreatedERPPushFailTimeUpdatedERPPushFailBaseId Number In Set = 1

Number = 150

SAPId = S&

SAP Module = Addon

SAP Screen = Addo

SAP Field = Addon

Error message = Updating could not be completed

Error System = PRD/***

Error Client = ***

The errors originated in your ERP system. Contact the administrator for your ERP system to troubleshoot and resolve the errors. If the errors are related to issue in requisition P***

sent from the SAP Ariba solution, fix the issue in the SAP Ariba solution. If the issue still persist, contact the administrator for your SAP Ariba solution.

Any idea what the possible cause?

Thank you in advance.