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5 days ago

How to set two-steps filter to filter data passed from RSRT?



- Some models do not return records more than 1M in SAC Analytics Application. It takes long time and eventually errors out.
- RSRT errors out as well for >1M

Is there a workaround to dynamically filter from SAC application side using its API, and need help ?

instead of the SAC application trying to display the entire dataset in the grid on the first call (when called from CRM UI with filters passed at runtime), we would like to know if there's a way within SAC to make it a '2-step' process where :

SAC application is triggered via CRM UI - with initial filter set passed (Data grid/table is yet not displayed at this point but only the drop downs get the filter values
Now, additional filters can get added based on the initial set passed in step 1 - and the final set of filters are passed to the data grid/table so that final dataset can be more restricted to avoid the data record count limit

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