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Aug 03 at 05:05 PM

Is there a way to backup and restore individual reports?


Hi all,

We are running Crystal Server 2020 SP02 and the Crystal Reports 2020 SP02 desktop app.

If someone makes changes to a single report (.rpt file) but then the next day realize they made a mistake and need to revert the changes only for that one report, is there anyway within CMC to revert to the previous save?

As I understand it all reports are stored on the repository SQL database, but a restore of that would be overkill just for one report, plus I'm not sure how it would even be done without taking the entire system offline.

If this can't be done retroactively, is there a way to proactively backup an individual or multiple .rpt file(s) either with the CMC or the Crystal Reports desktop app and if needed restore it to the repository?

Thanks, Matt