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Aug 03, 2022 at 01:58 PM

SAP EWM: FM or Class to generate Doc. Flow linkage between Warehouse Request and Warehouse Task


Requirement: An Fiori app which can create Warehouse Request and then create Warehouse Task from that Warehouse Request.

Need help in backend logic.

We were able to create warehouse request using class-method: /SCWM/CL_DLV_MANAGEMENT_PRD -> CREATE_WHR.

Once the warehouse request was created, we then went ahead and passed warehouse request details in FM: /SCWM/TO_CREATE_WHR to create Warehouse Task. We are passing below parameters to FM.

We have passed below fields in LT_CREATE_WR:

LT_CREATE_WR-rdoccat (Doc. Category )

LT_CREATE_WR-rdocid (Warehouse Header Document ID )

LT_CREATE_WR-ritmid (Warehouse Item Document ID)

LT_CREATE_WR-anfme (Quantity)

LT_CREATE_WR-altme (Alt. UoM)

LT_CREATE_WR-opunit (Oper. Unit)

LT_CREATE_WR-hutyp (HU Type)

LT_CREATE_WR-vltyp (Source storage type)

LT_CREATE_WR-vlpla (Source storage Bin)

LT_CREATE_WR-nltyp (Destination storage type)

LT_CREATE_WR-nlpla (Destination storage bin)

LT_CREATE_WR-matid (Product id)


Warehouse Task is created successfully.

At warehouse task level we can see its reference Warehouse Request


But now when we check warehouse request in tcode /SWCM/IM_ST, we are not able to see the document flow between Warehouse Request and Warehouse Task in Document flow tab in third sub screen section of tcode /SWCM/IM_ST.


If we create a warehouse request and warehouse task from tcode /SWCM/IM_ST, there is a document flow linkage generated at Warehouse Request level


Is there any class or FM which we can use to create Document Flow linkage between Warehouse Request and Warehouse Task.

Thanks in advance.


Abhishek S


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