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Aug 04 at 07:25 AM

PP-CO11N shift proposal at the confirmation


Hi All,

I am facing an issue ,where shift "NIGH" is not defaulting (shift is empty) in the production order confirmation (CO11N), done during the start and end time defined at the shift definition for "NIGH" shift.

This works fine for other shifts.

Shift definition for the shift groups are defined as below.


Gen1 and Gen2 shifts to be selected randomly , for the same work center whenever required, other wise the shift

should be proposed based on the time

*shift proposal is set as "1.Current date" in confirmation parameters for the plant and order type.

*Default value for shift is set as "2-order type dependent shift" in OPK0

*No shift sequences maintained

Please let me know the reason behind this, where only "NIGH" shift doesn't get proposed?

Is it because the start and end time span across 2 dates (from 10 P.M to 5.59 AM next day)?


image.png (12.3 kB)