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Aug 04 at 12:45 AM

Calculation of production order run time from resource


I have a labour resource with the Uom = Minutes, Time per resource unit = 00:01:00 and res units per time period = 1.

(Note that I have also tried 1:00:00 and 60 for the last two.)

In a production order I have a planned qty of finished goods of 5 and a base qty in the line for the resource for 30.

According to the online help, the calculation for the Production Time is as below.

Base Qty of the resource * Planned Qty of the parent item * (Time per Resource Unit / Resource Units per Time)

This should give 30 x 5 x (1/1) = 150 minutes = 2:30:00.

Instead it gives 0:05:00.

It doesn't appear to be taking the base quantity into account. I have tried various values for the base qty and also the fields in the resource and it seems consistent.

This is OK for a machine resource where the base quantity will be 1.

The calculation for the Additional Time is correct.

The capacity planning etc is all OK.

Is this a bug or is it something that I have missed somewhere. Any advice appreciated.

SBO Version 10 for SQL FP2202