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Aug 03, 2022 at 07:05 PM

IBP Transport from production tenant to test tenant


Hello Experts,

We are having problems with the Test environment and probably we have spent too much time figuring out what could be wrong. As the Production Environment is running fine and it does not have the same issues as the Test it would be probably more practical and eficient to replace TEST with the PRODUCTION enviroment. Is this possible?. And, can you please advice how to proceed?

The problem we are having in TEST is that any value that is entered in any KF is not retained. In most cases there is no error (like if there is a missing combination at plan level). I checked the Planning Object using the app and it all appears to be correct. Also, I have check the unit of conversion and it looks fine as well. The last thing we did was a massive upload of Master Data using the Integration Job app with no issues in any of the uploads. Today I uploaded values for a KF and it completed with no rejection, still the data does not shows in TEST

We are using IBP SOP

Thanks in advance for your help