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Aug 03 at 10:32 AM

Sales orders not displayed after change in MRP type


Hello experts,

I am currently working on implementing the MRP run on my company, which involved a lot of changes in the system configuration, master data, etc. One of the main issues we encountered is due to how the production and sales is managed within the organization, I'll try to explain it with an example:

Supose you have a product ABC, which after a few manufacturing processes ends up as product code ABCF0 (F for final product), the final stage of the process. However, this product is sold and billed as product code ABC00, so when the final process yields ABCF0, the stock is transfered to code ABC00. This process takes time, usually about a month, but ocasionally longer, since the product has to be analized, released, and prepared to be shipped. During this time, the sales orders from previous months generate requirements in the final product code (ABCF0) and all the way to the lowest level of BOM.

So, to avoid having these duplicated requirements (since the product has already been produced but is in the transfer process), we thought the easiest solution was to change MRP type to ND in all the billable codes (ABC00). This change generated the issue I am now trying to solve, the customer orders are not visualized in MD04.

My question: is this supposed to happen? Are you not able to have sales order on products with ND MRP type?

If not, how do you think I may be able to solve my original problem, to stop 00 codes from sending requirements to F0 codes?

One solution I found in this forum was to change the material type to bulk in the BOM and then restrict planning to bulk material, but I can't apply this solution because we use a lot of other bulk materials that need to be considered in the MRP run.

Hopefully you can help me, any questions you have I'll try to answer. Thanks!