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Jul 29, 2022 at 09:40 AM

sap pi soap rest convert & quot; to "

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I have the soap stream -> rest

I get fields with the character " but it is transformed into & quot;

I need to keep the character "

for example "test"

how can I do?

or second option, I get the value without the character "and from more I add the character" at the beginning and at the end

can you tell me both possibilities?

I noticed that the rest conversion already puts me the character " automatically

but I noticed that for numbers he doesn't put them between "

strange because even the numbers in the structure I manage them as strings, an example:

{"records": [{"field1": 5, "field2": "test", "....... etc ...

correct formatting must be:

{"records": [{"field1": "5", "field2": "test", "....... etc ...