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Jul 28, 2022 at 03:16 PM

Moving Price is much higher than Net value for Material. Is it critical?


Hello all,
I have materials in the system for which the Net value (in Info record) is much lower than the Moving price for this material in MM03. Users get very worried about this and ask why. They say that before these values were almost the same.

As far as I understand, the Moving price can increase if the amount of material has become less, right? (by formula Moving price = total value / total stock quantity) Or are there other reasons? Is it critical that the Net price is two times lower than Moving price? They generally belong to different processes and are not related, right? In my opinion, we should focus on Net values in PIR, and not on Moving price.....but I may be wrong.

Please advise!

And many thanks in advance for any information!