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Jul 28 at 07:16 AM

SAP Enable Now - License


Hi, I wanted to understand more about SEN licenses for the following two scenarios:

  • Access to e-learning training modules: Since the Learner/End Users would be using the client LMS for accessing published training materials (scorm packages), they will not require SAP Enable Now license. Though the client has learner licenses with their subscription, I am assuming it will only be required if we were asking the end user to complete the training through SAP Enable now itself. Hence, we do not need to assign the ‘Learner’ role.
  • Web assistant: My understanding is that a license is not required for End Users to use the Web Assistant functionality. Once the WA configuration is complete, end users should be able to use the standard help on the Fiori launchpad without the need of SEN learner license.
  • I am still unclear then why would end users/learners need a learner license for accessing WA content -custom. Is there any documentation around this or if someone can elaborate more on this?

SEN Version: On-premise-HANA