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Aug 04 at 11:30 AM

Convert seconds to hour in calculated column

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Dear HANA Experts,

There is a key figure WK_FDS with the data type "Number" which has a data "7,2000000000000000E+03" in BW System. (2 hours equal to 7200 seconds) In Bex Query designer, the function TIME(WK_FDS) is used and output is showing in the report as 02:00:00.

I want to achieve the same result in HANA. In HANA, the data type is DOUBLE for the field "WK_FDS". And i used the same function time() in calculated column. But i am getting the error message as "type error in expression evaluator;secondtime([here]time("WK_FDS"))(calculationNode (finalAggregation) -> attributes -> attribute (WY_CKF0052_Fitter_duration) -> expression)" Pls find the snap for your reference. How to rectify this error.