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4 days ago

SAP BTP, BAS, Launchpad Module doesn't work, as points to old Portal not new SAP Launchpad Services


I've been trying to add the Launchpad module into my MTA. First following this documentation:

But SAP Cloud Portal isn't the same as the new "Launchpad Services", and when you attempt to deploy from the instructions above it fails at this point.

Does anybody have instructions on how to get Launchpad Services working for BTP, and not portal?

Ultimately I have an MTA which works fine, but I want it to run in a Fiori Launchpad. Currently if I attempt to run it by it's URL on BTP the whole app is disabled (little "no entry" icon instead of mouse over the whole app). So hoping I can add Launchpad Services Module to it to make this work.. no luck so far. My UI5 apps don't appear in HTML5 applications either yet, so trying to get that to work as well, so that I don't have to access via URL.