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Aug 02 at 04:00 PM

APD conversion options for BW/4 Hana



We're currently on BW on Hana 7.5, and in the process of migrating to BW/4 Hana (in-place conversion). We have a number of APDs that need to be converted because of the migration. Below are the options for APD conversion:

1. Use BEx query as a datasource in transformation (query as a infoprovider).

2. Create new data flows to replace APD data models.

3. Use/Create Hana calculation views.

4. Use Hana Analysis process (HAP).

Using Bex query as dataprovider comes with limitations as we cannot use queries with input variables as source in transformation. HAP is a very scenario-based approach mainly working for custom datamart scenarios, so not very feasible. We are left with using Hana views or creating new data flows. Is one of these approaches better or recommended than the other? Are there other options for APD conversion that are not listed above?

Thank you!