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6 days ago

Calculated values not inheriting the Measure properties

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Hello All,

Could you please confirm if the below-mentioned is expected behavior in SAC?

We are on a Live connection. In our SAC reports, we are creating a few static rows that are calculated based on the values in rows that are flowing into the report dynamically. We had set the measures scaling to 1000, decimals to 0.0, and Negative values in ().

On the calculated rows, we see that the values are not inheriting the properties of the cell that we are referring to.

Account | 006.2022 | 007.2022

Gross Sales |(1234.5) | 4567.8 << (this row is dynamically populated)

New Sales | -1234.567 | 4567.897 << (this row is calculated based on Gross Sales row)

Expected Result,

New Sales | (1234.5) | 4567.8 << (this row is calculated based on the Gross Sales row)

We are expecting the properties that had been set to the measures to reflect on the calculated measure as well. But, that does not seem to be the case.

Is this normal behavior? Any insights would be helpful.


Vinoth V