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6 days ago

Enable Master Data in SAC Report (Live Connection)


Hello All,

Is there an option in SAC to enable the master data like how in Analysis for Office, we have an option to enable the Master Data in the report?

We are on a live connection. Our requirement is to create static calculations in the SAC report.

The issue we face is whenever we drill down the profit center hierarchy maintained in the columns, we get to see only the profit centers for which the transaction data is posted. So, whatever cell reference-based calculations we have in the report get collapsed or remains static leading to inconsistency due to technical limitation in SAC where the running formula does not work automatically.

Hence, by enabling the Master Data, we would be able to maintain the formula as the relevant profit center column would always be visible irrespective of having data posted to it or not.

Any insights would be helpful.


Vinoth V