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Aug 03 at 10:52 PM

Best way to tackle duplicate rows from the main query


I have one command which includes in Clients table - a common column called people_id unique with another table, colaterals_view, but when I link on people_D in the sub report - the subreport is not displaying.

The Clients is a command and colaterals_view is a direct view link, there was a system error on trying to make a command.

The reason I am trying this is previously I had colaterals_view in the main query but was causing record duplication that were hard to pin down. So I thought to do a lookup. get it off the main query.

I might be able to find other views but this is a read-only database for me.

It did work correctly with a subreport but the duplications are the problem. I also needed to summarize an income column but this did not increase the other duplications.

I thought of trying a call to a table directly in the report but I don't recall too much or if that is a valid approach.

Thank you for any ideas.