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6 days ago

i have try all i know to add crystal report to mvc

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i do all this step

1. Uninstall what you installed.

2. Click on the softwaredownloads link in the Crystal for VS wiki, set the search parameters, and download "CR for Visual Studio SP32 64b installer (VS 2022 and above)". This will download the correct .exe file.

3. When you do the install, you need to make sure that VS is NOT running and you need to right-click on the .exe and select "Run as Administrator" in order for everything to install and register correctly.

and i cant get crystal report trhoug add new Item or any other way to add crystal to mvc Project with vs 2022.

Isomw now a way please i just use crystal reports to destop application and never to web with mvc i'm using vs 2022 and i ha downloaded the sp32 installed and uninstalled to try without any result.