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CJI3 Can no longer see costs for WBS Elements that have been marked for deletion.

SAP has nice functionality where you can TECO, CLOSE, and "MARK for Deletion" the status of a WBS Element. On the CJ20N or CJ02/03 programs you can adjust your viewable settings to bring in the WBS Elements that have been "Marked for deletion" status, or not.

With CJI3 (and other reports), I lose the visibility to line items that have been posted in past to the now WBS Elements now set to "MARKED FOR Deletion" status. If I remove the status "Marked for Deletion" from those WBS Elements, CJI3 will now populate those actual line items posted to those WBS elements.

I checked for "settings" indicators within report and also looked at database profile but I am not seeing anything to bring "Mark for deletion" WBS elements and their actual postings to the CJI3.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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